Caldera Forms Closure

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By Quay Morgan

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Caldera Forms is now closed (as of 5 April 2022)

One year ago we announced our plans to sunset Caldera Forms. It was a hard call for us to make, and a hard thing for many of you to hear. Despite our original plans for the Caldera Forms plugin not working out the way we had envisioned, we sincerely appreciate the Caldera Forms community. Having had the opportunity to speak with many of you through Facebook, email, and interviews, your support and dedication to the plugin, and especially one another, is extraordinary. Thank you.

What happens now?

Updates and support for Caldera Forms and its add-ons have now been discontinued. You will still technically be able to use the plugin on your websites. However, as with any software not being actively maintained, it is a growing security liability for you and you users in the absence of ongoing security updates, and compatibility with WordPress will eventually break. We strongly recommend finding an alternative as soon as possible if you have not already.

We have been providing transition assistance to Ninja Forms for the better part of the last year, and offer an automated conversion tool for forms and entries. While the dedicated conversion assistance channel is closing, you are still more than welcome to reach out to us directly on if you have questions about, or need a hand with, switching over.

Important note to CiviCRM users

With development of the Ninja Forms CiviCRM integration still ongoing, we’ve taken steps to make sure that you’ll be able to safely continue using Caldera Forms + CiviCRM. We’ve been working with the folks behind the Caldera Forms integration to make sure they have full access to the plugin to continue its maintenance until the Ninja Forms integration can accomodate all current users & use cases.

Our first public release of the Ninja Forms integration is just a couple weeks out, and will include the ability to create and/or update Contacts, and manage Activities associated with Contacts. Development of future versions with additional features will be an ongoing process.

We strongly encourage everyone to transition when you’re able, given your needs and the capability of the integration. Your feedback will be critical in all future development decisions, and will have a key role in determining what we work on next at each stage.

To that end, we are setting up a direct channel for CiviCRM users to reach out to us with feedback and suggestions once the add-on goes live. On that page you can also request to be added to a Ninja Forms CiviCRM mailing list for future news and updates.

Please stay in touch! The more we hear from you, the stronger this integration becomes into the future. Additionally, we will continue providing transition assistance for anyone using the Caldera Forms CiviCRM integration that’s ready to switch over. Those requests can also be submitted on the page linked above once the integration is live.