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Aso Caldera in Japan.

Front-End User Registration For WordPress Made Easy

Learn how to add a user registration form to the front-end of your WordPress website with Caldera Forms and the Caldera Forms Users add-on. This tutorial shows you how to create a form that allows users to register, connect the form to register the user with WordPress and embed it onto a page on your site.

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Get Entries From A Form

Caldera Forms provides a form entry viewer in the backend. This article is for developers who wish to access saved entires programmatically via PHP.

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Powerful WordPress queries -- made easy.

Easy Queries For Genesis

Learn how to integrate Caldera Easy Queries with the Genesis Framework to solve common client requests, with results that integrate seamlessly with your theme.

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Caldera Forms -- Responsive, drag and drop form builder.

Process Chaining

Caldera Forms uses Form Processors to “do stuff”. The beauty of this is that you can build fairly complex functionality by chaining them together. This

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