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Caldera Forms Demos

Caldera Forms can be used to create all types of forms -- contact forms, lead generation forms, registration forms, payment forms, event forms and more. Here are some examples. Click the screenshots to see a live demo of the form.

This is the contact form created using the "Contact
 Form" template. To create a contact page on your WordPress form, you can use this template, add the shortcode to a page and be done in a few minutes.


A basic booking form that can be adapted for consultants, coaches and even rental rooms. Makes use of phone, date and number fields.

Caldera Forms has many payment processors to accept credit card and other types of payments. This example shows a one-time credit card payment form, processed using Braintree. Makes use of credit card fields.

Learn more about creating payment forms for consulting and other services here.

Caldera Forms includes a ton of fancy fields for free. Some plugins even charge for dropdowns, we include those along with really cool fields like the star rating field used in this field.

In order to serve all of your customers, it is best to combine a credit card processor with PayPal. Learn more about creating this type of form here.

This form uses a toggle switch field to select if PayPal Express or Stripe is used for checkout.

The Caldera Forms Users add-on lets you create WordPress user registration forms, as shown here, as well as login forms and profile editing forms.

The users add-on also provides password fields and role-based field and form visibility.

Checkout this detailed tutorial to learn more.

The Caldera Forms PayPl Express add-on lets you create a contact form that also requires a payment, or any variation of a Caldera Forms that requires a payment. See it in action on our own website.

Checkout this short demo video to learn more.

Examples From Sites Using Caldera Forms

Cologne Business School

Contact form

Cologne School Of Business Using Caldera Forms for Contact Form

Sunstream Hotels & Resorts

Reservation form

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