Category: Field Types

Consent Field

Image of Crater Lake Caldera in Oregon
Using Caldera Forms to record informed consent for data collection under the EU privacy law GDPR. Consent field, consent magic tag, privacy page.Read More

UTM Fields

The Catdera mascot for Caldera Labs playing with the Caldera globe logo
The UTM field type makes it easy to save all of the UTM tags from the page on your WordPress site that your form was loaded on. Read More

Single Line Text Fields

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Single line text fields are commonly used in Caldera Forms to capture data such as your prospects name, last name or website. Read More

URL Fields

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Caldera Forms URL fields appear like standard text fields, but they require a properly formatted URL to be inserted.Read More

Summary Fields

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Summary fields show a live updating preview of all fields in the current Caldera Forms submission, before it is submittedRead More

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