Caldera Forms Advanced File Fields – Version 2

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Note: Caldera Forms File Field (version 2) is a new feature in Caldera Forms 1.8.0. It replaces the older advanced file fields.

The advanced file upload field is an alternative to the basic HTML5 file upload fields and is a more advanced version of advance file fields version 1.0. While the regular file fields use the native HTML5 file uploader — the advanced file upload fields have a better interface. They also can be targeted with custom CSS.

The basic file fields are faster to load and much simpler, but are limited by the HTML5-spec. If you can use a basic file field, you should. If basic file fields create user experience problems or prevents you from making your form look or function as needed, try an advanced file field.

File Upload Settings

The settings for a Caldera Forms advanced file fieldFor information on how the file uploads work, including how to enable or prevent saving files on your server, see this page.

  • Allow Multiple – If checked, more than one file can be uploaded.
  • Add To Media Library -These files become attachments in the WordPress media library if the  option is checked.
  • Attach To Mailer – Attach file to upload to emails sent with the Caldera Forms mailer. Attaching to emails is enabled with the  option.
  • Allowed Types – Sets what file type(s) can be uploaded.
  • Max Upload Size – The maximum size, in bytes a file can be. See this page for more information.
  • Image Preview – If checked, a preview of any image files will be shown in the file list.
  • Image Preview Height – Height, in pixels, for image previews.
  • Image Preview Width – Width in pixels, for image previews.

If your form allows public submissions, care should be used with what file types are allowed. Allowed extensions can be entered into the Allowed Types option field, as a comma separated list of allowed extensions. For example, “jpg,png,gif” would limit to images of those types, while “pdf” would only allow PDFs.

Button Text Settings

Caldera Forms file field settings for button textAdvanced file fields v2.0 have a setting that the basic HTML5 field does not have. This setting Button Text determines the text of the button used to open the file chooser dialog. If you were using a basic file field, then the text of that button would be set by the browser, based on the current site visitor’s language.

Limit File Upload Size

You can limit the maximum size of each uploaded file. Learn more here.

Limit File Upload Size For Caldera Forms File Fields

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