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In order to help you comply with the EU privacy regulations known as GDPR, Caldera Forms 1.7 and later includes a Consent Field and a consent field magic tag. If you have disabled data collection for your form, you may not need a consent field.

For more information on what consent for data collection means under the GDPR, we recommend this link.


Caldera Forms Consent For Data Collection Field

Caldera Forms Consent Field SettingsThe consent field is a simple field that allows you to add a description that is linked to the privacy page for your site.

To add a consent field, add a new field and choose “Consent Field”. Then in theĀ Name setting, enter the text that you want to appear before the text linked to the privacy page. In the Linked Text setting, enter the text you want to appear as a link to the privacy page.


Important Notes

Caldera Forms Consent Field Settings

Privacy Page Magic Tag

The consent field is designed to be a “one size fits most” solution for indicating consent for sharing data. If you need multiple consents, such as one for sharing with a 3rd-party, you may need to construct your own consent field using checkbox and or HTML fields. When doing so, the privacy page magic tag, which outputs the URL of the page you have designated in WordPress’ privacy settings as your privacy page.

The {privacy_page} magic tag can be used to get the URL of a site’s privacy page. The value returned is the URL, not a link. To display a link to the privacy page for your site in an HTML field, email message or in other locations magic tags work, you can use HTML like this:

For more information on magic tags, see the magic tag documentation.

Changing The URL For The Privacy Page Link