Caldera Forms 1.8.10 is Live!

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By Quay Morgan

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Frustrated by bugs? Many of the worst just got squashed.

We won’t normally blog about bug fixes. Bugs getting patched in a reasonable amount of time should just be standard operating procedure in normal circumstances.

Caldera Forms’ journey has taken it through some unusual circumstances in recent times, as most all of you well know. Bugs have crept in and in some cases, for many of you, have felt like things best left to Stephen King’s imagination.

The times, they are a changin’.

These 13 bugs won’t bug you anymore.

1. Emails no longer omit text between two % symbols

When a field like a textarea or simple text was filled with two % the content between those % signs was removed from the main mailer content. For example “Am I entitled to 10% discount or 15% discount?” would be printed in emails as “Am I entitled to 10 discount?”

2. Variables magic tags no longer disappear after the page is refreshed

When a variable is added under the “Variables” tab in the form edition page, this variable becomes accessible as a magic tag and is listed when clicking on some options of fields and processors.

But, the variable was not listed anymore in the magic tags list after the form edition page was reloaded. So if the form was saved again after the page was reloaded, the options that used the variable as a magic tag were saved without the magic tag.

3. Calculations fields properly update the calculation value when they are unhidden via logic

When a calculation field was used in a condition, the calculation was not performed when it was unhidden, a field used in the calculation needed to be updated for the calculation to be updated. Now the calculation is updated when the calculation field is unhidden.

4. Errors now display on the proper form when multiple forms are used on the same page

When multiple Caldera Forms were used on the same page, errors stored in transients were being displayed on all forms on that page. These errors, if present, should no longer display on the page.

5. Data from fields with logic applied to them should no longer disappear from emails when using the resend option

When a field was applied a condition its data failed to be included in emails when using the resend option from admin.

6. The resend button in entries list view no longer fails to resend the email

A markup typo lead to the resend button option not being operational. The typo has been tracked down, corrected, and this now works as expected.

7. Number fields now properly support a 0 value.

Editing an entry that had a number field was problematic when setting the value to 0. This has been corrected and Number fields should now handle a 0 value without issue.

8. Caching issue that led to inaccessible forms has been corrected.

There was an issue with the cache not clearing in certain cases that caused the last form created to become inaccessible. This was due to get_form(s) not clearing the cache as it should. It will now clear the cache for the API to have access to the last form created.

9. Null value causing conditions to fail in specific incidences has been corrected

Running cf_set_system_variable() on document ready was setting system_values.variable to null if there were not variables set. This led to conditions failure in in edit.js:1487.

10. Validation messages in Chinese language now work properly.

Chinese validation messages were not working and logging a notice, JavaScript Error `zh_cn is not available in the catalog`, in the browser console. This has been corrected.

11. Typo in field validation message corrected

“Maximum” was spelled wrong in the This file is too large. Maxium is x. error message.

12. Redirection processor now encodes URLs properly when using magic tags

The redirection processor was parsing the URL variables and didn’t encode them again, now the query variables are encoded again using the redirection processor.

13. `\Caldera_Forms_Forms::get_forms:()` now returns forms added on a filter.

Previously, Caldera_Forms_Forms::get_forms() was not listing forms that were added via a filter hook. This was causing programmatically added forms to be unavailable in specific instances.

Bonus: New filter hook!

Caldera Forms 1.8.10 introduces the “caldera_forms_calculation_field_get_value” filter hook, a contribution from Andrei ( mecachisenros ), thank you!

It allows filtering the numbers retrieved from fields set in a calculation and accepts 3 other parameters, the entry value, the field, and the form.

  • $number, the first parameter, needs to be returned by the hook and is a float.
  • $entry_value, the second parameter, can be a string or an integer and holds the value of the field.
  • $field is the third parameter, it holds an array of the field configuration.
  • $form the fourth parameter holds an array of the form configuration

What do you want to see next from Caldera Forms?

We’ve been using your feedback in large part to help focus on what issues need fixed the most in Caldera Forms. We’ll continue to use the feedback from Caldera Forming, GitHub, and support to shape future projects that will bring more of the same.

So please, let us know if there is an issue that really bugs you. It’s invaluable to hear directly from you what you need from us!

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