A Message from Saturday Drive in Light of COVID-19

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By Quay Morgan

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We realize that the spread of COVID-19 is having an impact that’s being felt worldwide. Many of you may be feeling this toll in your current business. In almost every country around the world, teachers are prepping to bring learning online if they’ve not made the move already. Healthcare workers and institutions are looking for ways to work with patients remotely where possible. Many of you will be looking to supplement or replace your income with online ventures in the weeks and months ahead.

With this enormous shift towards online and remote work, we hope that our forms can help make this transition easier. We also realize that this is not a great financial time for many, many people.

Effective now, Toolbelt, Toolbox, & Toolchest memberships are 50% off for all.

We are temporarily discounting memberships during this very unusual time. A 50% discount will be automatically applied at checkout. There’s nothing you need to specifically ask for or do. The duration of this event will be determined by need and by our ability to maintain the discounted rate and still take care of our own team around the world.

This is a time of sacrifice for many people. Nurses, doctors, maintenance workers, truckers, delivery drivers, grocery store workers, none of us that work online can really match the personal sacrifices that these folks are making. We can all be doing what we can as we can though, becoming unique combinations of at-home workers, home schooling teacher-parents, and caregivers for those we love. In that spirit, we’re hoping that this will help make some of your lives easier as you turn to bringing more of your daily life online. 

We hope that this will make the tools we offer more accessible to more people. There’s not a lot a WordPress form company can do to have an impact in a time like this, but we sincerely hope this helps.

If you’re looking to bring a business online or scale up to help with additional or replacement income, get on Twitter! The response from various members of the WordPress community has been warming to watch.

We’ll be more than happy to help with your forms, and there are many others out there offering their time during this period. Don’t be intimidated by bringing more of your work online!

If you’re an educator or healthcare provider, please contact us directly.

It’s pretty clear that your niches are undergoing some of the most challenging changes right now.

If you’re a teacher or school administrator looking to take your courses online, please reach out to us directly. If forms can help you out, we’ll hook you up.

Same if you’re working in a healthcare industry and need a way of letting patients interact with you remotely. Let us know what you need.

You can reach us directly in support or in the Caldera Forming Facebook group

Stay healthy and stay safe!

Please take care of yourselves out there, and make sure you’re getting your info on COVID-19 from good sources like the WHO or CDC. There’s a lot of nuttiness out there. Turns out toilet paper isn’t an anti-viral after all 😉

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