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This filter controls if the Caldera Forms REST API route for reading stored entries of a form is authorized. Because this endpoint is used by the front-end entry viewer, you can use this filter to allow any public user to see the front-end entry viewer.

By default, you must be authorized as an admin user to access this information.

This filter was added in Caldera Forms 1.5.0

The first parameter is $allow. If this returns true, the request is authorized. If it returns false, the request is not authorized. The second parameter is $form_id, which is the ID of the form, a string. The third parameter $request is the WP_REST_Request object for the current request.

Make Caldera Forms Entries And Entry Viewer Public For One Form

This will make all saved entry data for a form public:

Please be sure to audit this information to make sure you’re not sharing private information or information you do not have consent to share.

Use Some Other Authorization System For Caldera Forms Entries And Entry Viewer


Where Does This Code Go?

When using WordPress hooks to customize Caldera Forms or other plugins you should not modify the plugin files, or you will lose your changes when you update the plugin. Instead you should create a small plugin to hold the custom code. It's easy, learn how here.

Technically you can add the custom code to your theme's functions.php, but then you will not be able to change your theme and keep these customizations.

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