The caldera_forms_stripe_capture_payment filter hook works with Caldera Forms Stripe add-on version >= 1.4.11 installed.

Stripe checkout payments are captured by default, this allows to set manual captures if needed. The capture will be triggered from the Stripe dashboard up to seven days after the authorization.

caldera_forms_stripe_capture_payment returns a boolean, if true is passed, the payment is captured. If false, the payment won’t be captured. It can be used to capture or not payments conditionally.

Or it can be set to manual captures for all payments using :

add_filter( 'caldera_forms_stripe_capture_payment', '__return_false' );

Where Does This Code Go?

When using WordPress hooks to customize Caldera Forms or other plugins you should not modify the plugin files, or you will lose your changes when you update the plugin. Instead you should create a small plugin to hold the custom code. It's easy, learn how here.

Technically you can add the custom code to your theme's functions.php, but then you will not be able to change your theme and keep these customizations.

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