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This filter modifies the request to PayPal to create a payment that the Caldera Forms PayPal Express add-on creates.

This filter exposes three parameters:

  • $request – Array. This is the data to send to PayPal. See this page in the PayPal docs for what indexes you can use in this array.
  • $transdata – Array. The current submission transient.
  • $form – Array. The form configuration.

Prevent Shipping Fields Form Showing In PayPal

By default, when your customer checks out with PayPal they will see fields for shipping. You can disable that with this filter:

Accepting Credit Cards Without Logging Into PayPal

This filter can also be used, if you have a compatible account to allow accepting credit cards without logging into PayPal.

Caldera Forms PayPal Add-on: Accepting Credit Cards Without Logging Into PayPal

Change The Price To Be Charged By PayPal



Where Does This Code Go?

When using WordPress hooks to customize Caldera Forms or other plugins you should not modify the plugin files, or you will lose your changes when you update the plugin. Instead you should create a small plugin to hold the custom code. It's easy, learn how here.

Technically you can add the custom code to your theme's functions.php, but then you will not be able to change your theme and keep these customizations.

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