Conditional Fail: Getting Started

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This guide will tell you how to use the Conditional Fail add-on. Make sure you already have the add-on by downloading it here.

The Conditional Fail add-on is a processor that allows you to set up certain conditions that will make a submission fail or succeed.

Creating The Form

To use the add-on, you have to set up at least one field in the form builder.

Learn how to create a new form here.

Adding The Processor

  1. Click the ‘Processors’ tab that’s located at the top of the screen.
  2. Click the ‘Add Processor’ button. If the add-on is properly installed, you will see the ‘Conditional Fail’ processor.
  3. Click the ‘Use Processor’ button.
The Conditional Fail processor.

This will add the processor to your form and give you settings for this processor.

Working With The Processor

Setting The Fail Message

The Settings tab in the Conditional Fail processor.

In this ‘Settings’ tab, you can set the Fail Message. Magic tags can also be used here to customize your message. This message will be shown to the submitter if the conditions are met and the submission fails.

Setting The Conditions

In order for the processor to work, you have to set at least one condition in the ‘Conditions’ tab.

The conditions tab in the conditional fail processor.
  1. Choose ‘Use’ to activate the condition.
  2. Fill in the condition with the conditions that you want. As an example, below is how you would fill the condition if you don’t want to accept submissions from people with an email address. Learn how the conditionals in Caldera Forms work here.
  3. Click ‘Save Form’.
  4. If the conditions that are stated here are met, the submission will fail.
An example of the conditionals in conditional fail processor.

With the conditions above (not accepting email address), this is how the fail message would look like.

The submission would fail and the form would show the fail message.

An example of the fail message from the conditional fail processor.

Disabling And Removing The Processor

In the processor settings, you have the option to disable and remove the processor. Disabling the processor will make the processor inactive, you can enable it again later. Removing the processor will delete the processor permanently.

Disable and remove the conditional fail processor.

You can find the ‘Disable Processor’ button at the top of the settings, and the ‘Remove Processor’ button at the bottom.