Details About Caldera Forms Usage Tracking

In Caldera Forms 1.3.5 we introduced an optional usage tracking mode. We believe that business need to know how their products are being used in order to succeed. We also believe this goes both ways. Our new system, which requires you to optin to, will not only help us understand our customers, but help you understand yours.

When you choose to enable usage tracking, Calder Forms will be recording specific information about how Caldera Forms is used — no personal details — and record that data in your database. That date will then be periodically sent to our servers anonymously. As we develop tools to analyze and use this data we will make them available to you.

We will use this data to better understand trends in our usage, identify issues in the plugin and soon will give you more information to improve your site and your business.

What we track:

  • Number of times a form starts submitting.
  • Number of times a form completes submission.
  • Number of times each processor runs.
  • Number of times a form submits and should send an email.
  • Number of times an email is sent.
  • What plugins are active and what their version number is.
  • What versions of WordPress, MySQL and PHP are being used.

This data is stored in two locations. The first is in your database, in a custom table. The second is on a locked down site we built using the WordPress REST API and host on WPEngine.

What we do not track:

  • API keys for any payment processors or any other services used with Caldera Forms
  • Form configurations
  • Entry data collected by your forms