Using The AffiliateWP Processor For Caldera Forms

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When using Caldera Forms and AffiliateWP there is a special AffiliateWP processor for tracking referral conversions. This processor makes an excellent pairing with all Caldera Forms payment processors as well as most soft cheeses.

Configuring this processor is very easy. Make sure you have Caldera Forms 1.4.7 or later, as well as AffiliateWP 2.0 or later before you begin.

Setting Up The AffiliateWP Processor

Adding the AffiliateWP processor to a Caldera FormIn the Caldera Forms editor, click on the Processors tab. Then click the New Processor button.

In the processor panel for this processor, there is one setting Total. In the total field you should pass the total value of the purchase. This is probably the same value of the sale. AffiliateWP will calculate the right percentage to pay for the referral based on this.

Setting up the AffiliateWP processor in a Caldera Form