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This is a bug fix update for Caldera Forms. It fixes the rest of the bugs found in our major update 1.5.0 last week.

We will know start working on Caldera Forms 1.5 to improve UI flow and performance.

Bugs Fixed

  • When select field or radio or checkbox had 0 or ‘0’ as default, default was ignored.
  • An input with a placeholder of 0 or ‘0’ did not receive a placeholder.
  • When a label for an input was hidden, label was not used as placeholder.
  • When a label for an input was hidden, non-accessible markup was generated (no label element)
  • Advanced file fields with certain settings were only uploading one file when multiple files should have been uploaded.
  • Next and previous page buttons had the wrong input type.
  • Scroll to top setting wasn’t scrolling to top.
  • Conditional recipients processor wasn’t processing.
  • Local language for the client-side validation was not respecting WordPress language settings.
  • Conditional calculation fields that shouldn’t have calculated were calculating.

In recent releases we have had many issues with fields not working in modals. In this version we switched the way that modals work quite a bit. The results should be the same, but more stable. Previously modal content was added via AJAX, now it is added during page load.