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Does your WordPress site sell one product or just a few products? Maybe an eBook, consulting, membership or event registration. Then do you really need an eCommerce plugin? We don’t think so.

If you’ve got a ton of products, then a good eCommerce plugin is great — we use Easy Digital Downloads for this site, and love it. But for simple sites all you need is a form that can register users on your site, collect the payment and get your customers onto your mailing list. To make it easy for you, and save you money, we’ve created three new bundles with everything you need to make more money with your WordPress site.

Eliminate shopping cart abandonment by eliminating the shopping cart.

Shopping cart abandonment is a major concern for anyone running an eCommerce site. The whole idea of an online shopping cart is a little scary.

Convincing someone to buy something is hard, but then you send them somewhere else on your site, and hope that they come back. That makes sense if you have a site full of products and your customers are likely to add more to the cart.

For sites with only a few products or even just one, the risk of shopping cart abandonment far outweighs the advantages of a traditional shopping cart. Most of the time you’re better of taking people directly to checkout when they click to purchase, or integrating the purchase form directly into the product page.

Create A Great Checkout Form & Save Big!

Your checkout form needs to look good, function well and be totally responsive. Luckily, Caldera Forms makes it easy to make the exact form you need and have it work on any device. Take control of your order forms with one of our three new bundles.

All bundles include our user registration and login as well as MailChimp add-ons. The deluxe edition bundle gives you two ways to get paid — using PayPal or by accepting credit cards via Stripe. If you just want to accept credit payments via Stripe, then choose the Stripe Edition. If you just want to accept payments via Paypal, you can choose the Paypal Edition.

With Caldera Forms, and whichever one of these bundles you choose, you will be ready to create a great looking, responsive and totally custom sales form. With the users and MailChimp add-ons you will not only be getting paid, you will be creating opportunities to further your relationship with your customers.

Choose the best bundle and start building your business today.

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  1. The more I browse your site, the more impressed I am with your content! Once again, an article that is really going to help me grow and learn as an online businesswoman. Thanks!😊 – Jessica

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