Caldera Forms and Caldera Metaplate Updates


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Today we released two updates to our free Caldera Forms and Caldera Metaplate plugins.

Caldera Forms BannerCaldera Forms 1.2.1 fixes an issue with checkbox values not being saved properly, which was preventing some forms from being submitted. It also fixed issues with HTML elements in required fields preventing form submission without throwing a notice. We also added a new method to the admin class to simplify retrieving entires as well as several other small bugs.

metaplate-bannerCaldera Metaplate, our tool for custom field templating, now has the ability to reference taxonomies in metaplates for posts and the ability to use shortcodes in metaplates loaded from files, which was previously only possible in admin-based metaplates. We also added helpers for var_dump() and sanitizing data as well as a few minor changes.

Both plugins are free downloads from our site or

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