Turn Form Submissions Into Event Tickets, Coupons and More: Caldera Forms PDF Is Available Today


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Happy Tuesday! We’re really excited for today’s announcement: Caldera Forms PDF – also known as Caldera Space – is available today. We’ve been working on this release for a while now after many, many of you asked –  and we’re honestly so excited that it’s finally here. We know the applications are wide and exciting, and hope that you agree.

How To Set Up & Use Caldera Forms PDF

Our lead developer Josh is now serving as Gold Leader in addition to his responsibilities making great plugins at Caldera Labs.

Caldera Forms PDF is a free plugin available on WordPress.org for download from your WordPress dashboard. The plugin client will require an API key to work offsite – it’s like the cloud, but in Space (Get it? Get it? We thought it was funny, sorry).

Subscribing today means you can extend the usability of Caldera Forms for your users in unprecedented ways. Allow users to download their submissions as PDF files for their personal records, or maybe give event registration details or event ticket files. Perhaps couple Caldera Forms PDF with one of our Caldera Forms Payment Processor add-ons to provide payment receipts, or distribute product vouchers using Caldera Forms.

Caldera Space?

There’s more than a sillysky-lights-space-dark joke behind the name Caldera Space. We have big hopes and dreams for this add-on. While right now Caldera Space is set to simply power your Caldera Forms to PDF, we are planning on adding to it all of the features listed at Caldera.Space, including attachments, print-friendly layouts and custom templates.


But for now, enjoy the Caldera Forms PDF. More ideas: provide personalized thank you notes upon form submissions. Give a summary of a application form submission using Caldera Forms. Ditch database tracking and still have a way to download a record of form submissions.

The multiple applications of Caldera Forms PDF attest to our mission of making your WordPress site more powerful, accessible, and maybe even fun. As always, feel free to leave a comment or contact me or Josh with questions, comments, concerns, or perhaps even to prod us for more ideas on how to use Caldera Forms PDF (maybe give away your original music to people who subscribe to your newsletter?).

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