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Are you using WordPress to generate leads for your business? Do you need to sell coaching services, eBooks, events or other products? If so, you need to record that data in Google Analytics. Recording this vital business intelligence with Caldera Forms just got easier. Today we are adding the Caldera Forms Google Analytics add-on to our growing line of Caldera Forms add-ons.

Caldera Forms Google Analytics Tracking

This has been a busy start to the year for Caldera Forms. Earlier this week we announced the next beta of Caldera Forms 1.5, today we are releasing a Google Analytics add-on. Next week, we will be releasing… hold on that’s a surprise. Also, we have new 3rd-party integrations with AffiliateWP and the brand-new testimonials plugin – Testify.

This new add-on and the one I can’t tell you about yet are included in our Agency Bundle and The Unlimited Bundle.

Two Add-ons In One

This new plugin provides two processors. The first reports custom Google Analytics events when your form is loaded and when the form is submitted. This is excellent for lead generation forms. The event data is totally user-configurable. The second processor sends eCommerce tracking data to Google Analytics. Combined with a Caldera Forms payment processor you can create a complete eCommerce system with all your vital information reported to Google Analytics.


No Extra JavaScript

In order to increase reliability and reduce conflicts with other plugins, this plugin all events are sent server-side to increase reliability and therefore do not need additional HTTP requests.

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