Akismet Processor

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Caldera Forms has powerful anti-spam by default. The Akismet processor provides additional anti-spam protection for your Caldera Forms, by taking advantage of Akismet, one of the most popular anti-spam plugins for WordPress. This is great if you will be using Caldera Forms to capture comments on your WordPress website.

The Akismet processor will only be available when the Akismet plugin is active on your site.

The Akismet processor requires a minimum of two fields to be used in order to function correctly, namely: email and name field. These fields, along with the other fields the processor may use, is passed to Akismet to scan and predict whether or not this is spam or not, providing additional anti-spam protection.

To use the Akismet processor requires a free account or higher with Akismet. Once you have activated your Akismet account within your WordPress dashboard the processor will be available for you to use.

Fields that Akismet processor uses

  • Name: The name of the user filling out the form.
  • Email: The email of the user filling out the form.
  • URL (Optional): The website URL for the person filling out the form.
  • Content (Optional): This is the field of content you would like Akismet to process, usually a paragraph field for lengthy comments/questions.
  • Error Message: This is used to create a custom error message when Akismet flags the contact form entry as spam.
Caldera Forms Akismet processor
When setting up the Akismet processor, you can use Caldera Forms magic tags.