Using MailChimp Interest Groups With Caldera Forms

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There are two major ways to segment users on your MailChimp list: static segments and segments based on interest groups. The first, static segments are created by uploading a list of emails from your list in the MailChimp UI or by adding a user to a list when they sign up, which you can do with Caldera Forms. An alternative is to add subscribers to interest groups and build dynamic segments based on those interest groups.

This document shows how to use Caldera Forms to add subscribers to your list and specify their interest groups. You can do this in combination with or instead of adding the subscribers to static segments. The process of adding to static segments is described here.

MailChimp interest groups are perfect when you are using WordPress for lead generation. Creating many lead capture forms and adding them to specific landing pages, each based on a different interest is a great way to divide up your list and tailor your marketing appeals to exactly the right potential customers.

Using Caldera Forms To Segment Subscribers In MailChimp

Before You Begin

Make sure before following this tutorial that you have installed Caldera Forms and the Caldera Forms MailChimp add-on. This is a new feature in version 1.4 of the MailChimp add-on so make sure you have at least that version or later.

You should also read through the Getting Started Guide for Caldera Forms MailChimp. You also will want to have added some interest groups in your list.

Creating A Mailing List Optin Form With MailChimp

Creating The Form

First we will need a form. Let’s create a simple form. This is will be a lead generation form you can add to the bottom of a landing page that is designed to capture the attention of those in a specific interest groups.

First go to the Caldera Forms page by clicking the Caldera Forms link in the WordPress menu. Then follow these steps:

  • Select the New Form button which will be at the top of the screen, inside the Caldera Forms menu bar.
    • In the pop-up, choose Blank Form, give your form a meaningful name and click Create.
  • This will take you to the form editor.
  • In the form editor add three fields by dragging the Add Field button into the layout grid, once per each field:
  • Add one more row by clicking the plus below the first row. In that row add a button field and label it “Sign Up” or some other catchy call to action.
  • Click the Save Form button at the top of the page.

Adding The MailChimp Processor To The Form

Caldera Forms MailChimp Interest Group Settings Now click on the Processors tab. In the processors tab, click the Add Processors button. This opens a new pop-up which should have a MailChimp option. Select that.

At first, you will only have one field API Key. In that field add your MailChimp API key. Once you enter your key, wait a few seconds and then a select field called List will appear. In that field select the MailChimp list you want to add subscribers to. At this point all of the fields of your list should appear. In the fields for First NameLast Name and Email select the three fields we created in the last step.

Then click the Save Form button at the top of the page. Once the form is saved, refresh the page.

Now go back to the  Processors tab and select your MailChimp processor. You should now see your interest groups listed under the Interest Groups heading. If you don’t, click the Refresh Groups button

There are now two ways to select which interest groups the new subscriber will be added to.

  • In the processor settings you will see checkboxes for each interest group under the Interest Groups heading.
    • All new subscribers will be added to these groups.
    • This method is useful when you have specific forms for specific landing pages and want to build segments based on which landing page the subscriber signed up on.
  • Under the checkboxes is a setting called Interest Group Field. Use this setting to choose a checkbox or dropdown field in the form.
    • This fields will be auto-populated with all interest groups of the list.
    • This method is useful when you want to build segments based on form input.
    • This method was added in Caldera Forms 1.4.1

. Now check which groups and/ or set the field and then click Save Form again.

Use The Powers Of Segmentation

Segmentation is a very powerful tool. Use your content and the ads you use to drive leads to your WordPress landing pages to subscribers in different interest groups. Then you can write targeted content that speaks directly to the subscriber most likely to benefit from it.