Using The Conditional Recipients Processor

Caldera Forms Conditional Recipients Processor

This processor was added in Caldera Forms 1.5

The conditional recipient processor is included in Caldera Forms. It allows you to use Caldera Forms’ conditional logic system to add recipients to the email sent by the main email notification. You can add as many of these processors as you want to a form.

Setting Up The Processor

This processor can be added to your form by going to the processors tab of the Caldera Forms editor, and clicking the Add Processor. In the processors popup, choose Conditional Recipient.

The conditional recipients processor has one setting: Single Recipient. In this setting you can put an email address or use a magic tag for a field. If you were to stop now, this would just add that email address to the recipients of the email.

The real power comes in the conditionals tab. In the conditionals tab, you can set this email address to be used, or not used, based on the values of one or more fields.

An Example

Imagine you were creating a registration form that allowed the customer to chose one of two locations in the form, and wanted to send the their details only to the location they chose. This is a perfect use for this processor.

To accomplish this, you would add two conditional recipient processors to the form. The first one, you would set the first one to run if your select field for choosing location had the first option, and then make the opposite selection in the second processor.

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