Caldera Forms

The Catdera mascot for Caldera Labs playing with the Caldera globe logo

The Catdera mascotWe have a new mascot! Also, we have released an update to Caldera Forms. Meet Catdera! In addition to an adorable new mascot, Caldera Forms has a few small,  but important bug fixes and some new developer features to aid in custom site development and some add-ons we are working on.

New Features And Improvements

  • Improved multi-page form validation. Validation logic is improved to work with new add-ons and to be faster.
  • New action: caldera_forms_delete_entries – Runs when entries are deleted.
  • New action: caldera_forms_change_entry_status – Runs when entry status is changed.
  • Made CSV headers match layout order of forms
  • New JavaScript events on field or form validation success or failure.
  • Made new processor and add conditional buttons more obvious when no conditionals or processors are in form.

Bug Fixes

Major Bugs

  • Validation errors were not given the right markup, causing accessibility problems.
  • Disable conditions were not working properly

Minor Bugs

  • Bad conditional in database updater causing PHP notices.
  • Entry viewer was not showing in main admin, with old versions of PHP
  • Datepicker fields were not visible in Safari
  • Paragraph fields were not showing defaults.
  • Some fields were not respecting filters for custom class
  • Using shortcode to set field defaults, with two of the same form on page, was applying defaults to both forms.
  • Sometimes support page, or other sub menu pages, including from add-ons had no CSS or JavaScript loaded.