Caldera Forms 1.5.0 Release Candidate 1

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Caldera Forms 1.5 — a major update to Caldera Forms — is almost there. The new version adds 9 new field types, a front-end entry viewer, a REST API and more to Caldera Forms. We posted a preview of what was coming last month, detailing the new features when the first beta was released. This is a release candidate, which means it is basically ready to go.

For the previous beta releases, we did not update this site to the beta. We are updating our own sites, for example,, and to Caldera Forms 1.5.0-rc1.

Preview Of Caldera Forms 1.5

What Has Changed Since Beta 2?

Besides pulling in the changes made in Caldera Forms 1.4.9, not much. Minor changes have been made to how magic tags are handled. In addition work has been done on HTML and star rating fields.

Some key fixes and improvements have been done to the Caldera Forms REST API. In addition to bug fixes, you can now filter which fields are returned in REST API responses for form configuration and for form entries.

The documentation for the Caldera Forms REST API is also rounding out nicely 🙂

Caldera Forms REST API

Caldera Forms 1.5 Will Be Released On Tuesday February 21st

We have set a hard deadline for Caldera Forms 1.5 release of next Tuesday February 21st. This is a MAJOR update and you are strongly encouraged to test on a staging site before updating. You should test now, beacuse if their are any issue with your forms, and you report them on Github, we can fix them before release. If you have no issues, then you can put the new version on your live site now and enjoy all of the tasty new features.

Getting The Latest Version

This new beta is available through Github and It is not the default version, 1.4.9 is still the version installed through WordPress. You can download the latest Caldera Forms 1.5 using this link, or you pull the 1.5.x branch on Github.