Caldera Forms 1.6.2

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Caldera Forms 1.6.2 is now available. This release includes the first part of our GDPR roadmap, an improved Gutenberg block and bug fixes. Caldera Forms 1.7 is already underway, integration with WordPress 4.9.6’s privacy tools will be the main focus.

New Features

Bug Fixes

  • FIXED: Fixed deprecated jQuery XHR syntax in some places. Was causing jQuery errors in some browsers.
  • FIXED: mp3s were not allowed by some browsers when they should have been for file fields.
  • FIXED: If spam was detected by CF Pro entry was still shown in entry viewer.
  • FIXED: Nonce refresh was being abused by spammers and not helping with cache issues.
  • IMPROVED: One webback build file for Pro and Blocks
  • IMPROVED: Gutenberg block now has better previews and more sensible controls.
  • ADDED: Ability to show HTML “field” content in emails.
  • ADDED: Link to Caldera Forms Pro app from Caldera Forms Pro page.
  • ADDED: Option to mark fields as containing personally identifying information.
  • ADDED: calderaformsfieldwrapperafter_delete action
  • ADDED: calderaformsfieldwrapperbefore_delete action

How To Update

This release is available through the WordPress plugin updater.