6 Best Free Digital Marketing Tools For WordPress

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By Meggie Nahatakyan

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There are really no exact formulas or secret techniques to increase local traffic for your WordPress website. However, there is a certain practice that almost guarantees traffic: putting out good content. Why? Your readers care about what they read. They can also tell if you are putting out quality content or not, so make sure you do. This, paired with automation WordPress tools will guarantee an increase in your website’s traffic.

Before we go ahead and list a couple of free digital marketing automation tools you can use, allow us to list a few practices that will surely help you out.

  • Share your WordPress website on your social media platforms
  • Make sure that you have a regular schedule for posting — this way people know when to expect your posts.
  • Read and comment on other people’s blog. Get to know fellow bloggers; they will surely love to help you out.
  • Use relevant keywords for your posts. Also, make sure you use the appropriate tags for every blog post.

Here are a few tools that are free, easy to use, and are ever website builder’s best friend.

Yoast SEO

This automation tool provides users, marketers particularly, the needed guidance to ensure that each of their blog posts is fully optimized. If you find optimizing blog posts difficult, this is the best way to go. Yoast SEO is absolutely easy to understand and use — working with it’s a total breeze.


Jetpack is an all in one WordPress tool that has a variety of advanced features to fit the needs of every website builder. This has features like analytics, mobile themes, widgets, and content tools. Users can opt to use a couple of these features — depending on their website’s needs or you can use them all! Isn’t that just convenient?

Caldera Forms

Caldera Forms is a form of WordPress form builder that will surely stand out. Caldera Forms was made to be totally responsive and to meet the needs of the modern WordPress site builder. This is the best way to make forms work for WordPress simply because it can handle complex information like a total pro.

Just Writing

Writing blog posts can be a tricky task for everyone. Even natural writers find writing to be difficult too. This is why this tool was made — to make writing easier for everyone. Just Writing has a distraction-free writing mode feature that can benefit writers. This feature can increase one’s chances of writing better content and easily improve productivity.
Here are a few more helpful features:

  • Spell checker
  • Formatting removal
  • Altering paragraph style without reverting to the standard post mode

Proofread Bot

Every content marketer’s nightmare is typos, right? The Proofread Bot is a tool that accurately detects both spelling and grammar mistakes. It can also detect stylistic issues. One bonus feature is a plagiarism checker. This tool ensures that every blog post users make is original and well written. Proofread Bot helps marketers create better content and increase productivity and efficiency.

Title Experiments

Your blog post’s title is the very first thing your readers will see. So making sure that it catches their attention is essential. At times, creating an attractive title can be difficult, this is what Title Experiments is for. This tool allows you to conduct a quick test on two titles — so you can choose which one best fits your post. The test determines what title can attract more views and engagement for your blog posts. Say goodbye to those times spent grilling your head for an attention-grabbing title. Now creating a title that ensures more views and engagements is made easier and quicker.

However, with all the tools we’ve mentioned, it all boils down to great content. Great content can result in even better engagements with your market. Which will then surely boost your website’s traffic and more traffic means more money for your site. The real gold lies in what and how you deliver your content. You nail your content down, you’ll be solving 95% of your problem. That, paired with all these tools will surely generate a boost in your WordPress site.

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