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How To Write A Non-Annoying Marketing Email

random picture of the Kronotsky Volcano
Are your direct email marketing campaigns annoying? With the use of the best practices like segmentation, personalization and good web design practices, they don't have to be. Learn how to make WordPress, Mailchimp and Caldera Forms work for you. Read More

Giving Your Caldera Forms the Material Design Look

material design featured image
In this tutorial we will be applying a Material Design style to your Caldera Forms. We will add hover shadows, bold colors, as well as a subtle animation to complete the look. You will also learn where to properly insert this custom CSS for your WordPress theme.Read More

Adding Cool Backgrounds To Your Caldera Forms

opaque colored background featured image
Learn how to add custom styles to your Caldera Forms. This tutorial shows you the right way to add custom CSS for your forms. As a practical example, you will learn how to add an opaque background to your forms and make them float over an image.Read More

Styling a Transparent Caldera Form on Your Genesis Site

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Learn how to make dramatic custom design changes to your Caldera Forms with CSS. This tutorial will include a background image, a transparent form background, and enhance your radio buttons and checkboxes by importing and applying the Font Awesome icon library.Read More

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