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Advanced File Fields Were Added In Caldera Forms 1.3.5

cf-multi-fileThe advanced file upload field is an alternative to our regular file field upload fields. While the regular file fields use the native HTML file uploader — the advanced file upload fields have a custom, and a better user interface. They also can be targeted with custom CSS.

While regular file upload fields support multiple file uploads, we strongly recommend you use an advanced file field if you need multiple file uploads from the same field in your form.

Advanced fields upload fields allow your users to add one or more files. Multiple uploads can be enabled with the “Allow Multiple” option.

These files become attachments in the WordPress media library, if you select the Add To Media Library option and can optionally be attached to emails sent with the Caldera Forms mailer. Attaching to emails is enabled with the Attach To Mailer option.  You must add to the media library to save your files to your server after the form is sent. More information on how file uploads work, can be found here.

Caldera Forms file fields can only use the file types that are allowed by WordPress and your server configuration. For more information on how to modify which file types WordPress allows, see this article.

If your form allows public submissions, care should be used with what file types are allowed. Allowed extensions can be entered into the “Allowed Types” option field, as a comma separated list of allowed extensions. For example, “jpg,png,gif” would limit to images of those types, while “pdf” would only allow PDFs.

Increase The Size Of The Upload Progress Bar

You can use this CSS to increase the size of the progress bar that shows during each file upload.

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