Connected Caldera Forms 1.1.0

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Partial submission settings in Caldera Forms Connected Forms
Partial submission settings in Connected Forms. Only one setting — for now 🙂

Connected Caldera Forms 1.1.0 is a major update. It fixes several bugs and adds some cool new features. Connected Caldera Forms requires Caldera Forms 1.5 or later, do not upgrade to Connected Forms 1.1.0 until you have updated Caldera Forms to version 1.5, or your connected forms will not work at all.

New Features

Viewing Partial Submissions

The coolest new feature of this release is the ability to view incomplete entries in the entry viewer. This will allow you to work with — and possibly follow up with — partial submissions that might otherwise be lost leads — See the documentation for more information.

Showing Entries For Partial Submissions To Connected Caldera Forms


New Hooks

Developers looking to create custom integrations with Connected Forms for working with partial submission data, or modifying the data from a connected forms sequence should check out the new hooks.

Connected Caldera Forms Hooks

Bug Fixes And Other Notes

  • The reliability of {prev:*} type magic tags for sharing data between forms has been improved.
  • Conditional logic was in many cases causing sequences to submit prematurely. This is fixed.
  • Previous versions had OK support for multi-page forms in side of a connected forms sequence, for the stability of the system, this is no longer supported. Please use only single page forms in connected forms sequences. Future versions will remove the ability to load multi-page forms in connected forms sequences.


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