More Recurring Payment Options and A Big Beta!

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Creating a form to accept credit card payments via BrainTree on your WordPress site
The new form modal in Caldera Forms 1.4 is very cool.

Team Caldera has been staying busy. After a very industrious weekend participating in WordCamp NYC and WPCampus, we have some cool new updates to share with you today — including a look at what’s new in Caldera Forms.

Today we have two new ways for you to accept recurring payments using Caldera Forms, and sneak preview of Caldera Forms 1.4, which is packed full of fun new features. Our BrainTree payment processor now supports payment plans. Our payment processor supports payment plans and eChecks.

Get Caldera Forms Shortcode
You can now copy the Caldera Forms shortcode in the main Caldera Forms admin and in the form editor.

Caldera Forms 1.4 is almost done and the final version will be released within 2 weeks. We released the first beta today and we encourage you to test and provide feedback. New features include:


New Caldera Forms Preset options
New preset option lists for select fields save time. You can totally add your own BTW.

We will be working to add documentation and finishing touches on these new features over the next week or two. If you find any bugs, please report them on Github.

The 1.4 beta is now available through a variety of means, including, but is not yet the default when installing through WordPress. We recommend that you use the plugin WP Rollback by our friends at WordImpress to “roll forward” to the beta version.


3 thoughts on “More Recurring Payment Options and A Big Beta!”

  1. Hi, I love Caldera Forms and the plugin was pretty easy to implement on my site. The only issue I’m having is trying to figure out how to set up recurring payments. I see from this article it’s possible but I haven’t been able to find any instructions on the website.

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