Josh Shares 3 Valuable Thoughts On Gutenberg Editor

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By Tyler Adams

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Gutenberg: Block Editor for WordPress. This is the development plugin for the new block editor in core.
Gutenberg Editor WordPress Description

Gutenberg is a new block-based visual editor for the WordPress platform. Built on a different approach to the existing editing system currently available on WordPress, this new editor attempts to simplify the entire block-editing concept for WordPress.

In eliminating the required knowledge of a multitude of concepts in editor plugins preceding Gutenberg, including HTML shortcodes and widgets, the new standardized concept hopes to enhance the user experience with its emphasis on a user-friendly and simple interface.


Caldera Forms Lead Developer Josh Pollock recently gave his take on his first impressions with Gutenberg.To summarize into three main points:

  1. Josh ponders the true identity of WordPress – Content Management System (CMS) for anything: eCommerce, brochure websites, blogs and beyond, or primarily true to its inception as a blogging-driven platform?
  2. Gutenberg is an upgrade over the existing editor plugins available, however, in a larger context, the potential implications of its inclusion into the WordPress sphere are unclear. The project raises an important issue WordPress has up to this point avoided, the “technical debt” of the double-edged nature of the success of WordPress.
  3. With the introduction of WordPress 5.0 looming, the initiation of new projects such as Gutenberg in the overall CMS context could affect millions of WordPress users going forward.

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