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One of the great things about Caldera Forms is that it takes on the style of whatever theme it is used with really well. But what if you don’t just want your form to blend in? What if you want to customize the look for your forms for your site?

Caldera Forms Style Customizer for Divi & Extra gives you total control over the look of your forms — all from the customizer, no CSS required. It’s a new Caldera Forms 3rd-party add-on and it’s available today. This add-on was developed by Caldera Forms and Divi community member Pierre Bichet.

What Can You Style?

What can’t you style with this add-on is a better question. Change the size and color of Caldera Forms buttons, inputs, even style the file uploader. Make your checkboxes look cool. Keep your all important lead generation forms totally on brand.

Check out this gallery showing what this new add-on can do and how it works:

What Does Third-Party Add-on Mean?

This is not the first add-on for Caldera Forms developed by someone out side of Caldera Labs either  free or paid. But, this is the first 3rd-party developed add-on we are selling on our site. Customers will get support through the same channels as for any other add-on.

We have other commercial 3rd party-add-ons planned. If you’d like to sell a Caldera Forms add-on through our site, get in touch.

Works With Divi!

This add-on is specifically designed to work with the Divi Builder as well as the Divi and Extra themes. If you’re a Divi or Extra user this is perfect for you.

Would you like to see a customizer add-on for Caldera Forms and other themes? Let us know on social media. If there is demand for it, we will make it happen.

Make Beautiful Forms!

You can purchase Caldera Forms Style Customizer for Divi and Extra today.

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