Introducing Caldera Forms Translations by Weglot

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Imagine opening a website written in a language you don’t understand. What would you do?

You will likely just leave the page right away, because it’s impossible to know what the website is about. Maybe it’s the product or service you’re looking for, but there are other relevant sites written in your native language, so why would you waste your time on that first website?

This is the case with forms, too. Forms are basically a collection of questions. How would your visitor answer your forms if they don’t understand the questions?

Over a year ago, we introduced Caldera Forms Translate, a free add-on to translate the field labels, options and other parts of your Caldera Forms. We built it because it was requested by a lot of users. We gathered a lot of feedback from users of the translations add-on, and we knew we needed to better, a lot better.

Our customers wanted a better interface, automatic translations, and integration with existing translation plugins.

Weglot Does Translation Better

Testing out Weglot, I’ve been super impressed by how easy it is to translate not just the forms, but the whole site. Our business serves an international audience, and we know that to grow, we need a multilingual website. We’ve known this for a while, but before I tried out Weglot, it felt like too big of a task than we could handle.

We decided to discontinue Caldera Forms Translate and use some Weglot magic instead. For more information on the existing translation plugin, please see this discussion here.

Surprise: your whole site is translated automatically, forms, post content, menus, everything. Magic.

Weglot FTW

Used by more than 20,000 websites, Weglot automatically translates your whole site in minutes, including your forms. It supports more than 100 languages, and it’s compatible with any WordPress themes and plugins.

Although it’s automatic, you can manually edit your translations in context using Weglot’s Visual Editor. Not a polyglot? Don’t worry, you can order professional translation from Weglot’s dashboard.

Weglot and Caldera Forms were created with the same goal in mind: Help website owners easily create and customize sites without the need for any coding skills. Both solutions allow you to have a website up and running no time.

Caldera Forms + Weglot Work Well Together

Since January, we’ve been collaborating to make sure that Weglot works seamlessly on your Caldera Forms. The team at Weglot worked with us to make a few changes to Caldera Forms to make this possible. I submitted a pull request to Weglot’s WordPress plugin to make sure it detected Caldera Forms properly. It’s been fun and I look forward to improving on this amazing start in collaboration between our teams.

If you are already a Caldera Forms and Weglot user, there is nothing you need to do besides upgrade to the latest version of both plugins — Caldera Forms 1.8.3 or later and Weglot 2.7.0 or later. If you’re not already a Weglot user already, you can sign up here.

Enjoy your translated forms!

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