reCaptcha Field

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reCaptcha fields were moved to the discontinued category in Caldera Forms 1.3.5. They are no longer functional, but are maintained as to not effect existing form layouts. There is a 3rd-party add-on for Caldera Forms anti-spam that provides a reCaptcha field. Or you can use Caldera Forms Pro for anti-spam. Note that Pro has advanced anti-spam, click here for more info.

We removed reCaptacha funtionality for the following reasons:

  • Our default anti-spam is more effective. It’s all we use and we have no reports of any problems with spam when only relying on our anti-spam.
  • Captchas are bad for conversions. You want humans to fill out your forms. We’ve already dealt with bots.
  • Our reCaptacha fields required loading additional JavaScript from a 3rd-party source. That’s bad for page load times.
  • Captchas add time to processing the form. Why slow your form down for no reason?